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Your body is continually trying to be ready for what it thinks you need... and in doing so postpones what he knows best... to heal itself. It waits until you send a clear message  peace and acceptance of all it feels is here NOW. 

When thrown out of balance by stress, trauma, injury, pain or other chronic conditions, the body cannot optimally restore itself. 

It is waiting to hear this clear signal of "no danger" and once it starts to hear that it feeds on a constant internal "yes" to all the signal the body sends...

I guide you to communicate with your body so it can experience peace and create optimal balance... the balance every cell in your body longs to create... 


I guide you how to remove all obstacles to healing and together you create the best position for the body to return to its natural, pain-free healthy state when deep peace and acceptance is experienced.

My Approach

I believe healing is not just in the technique, but in the quality of time and attention given to each individual. I listen and create a customized approach designed to best suit your needs. The techniques I offer are first designed to meet you at the pain and symptom level. As appropriate we may also release mental and emotional constrictions that  lie below the surface. I accomodate your needs. This is your time.

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