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Body Treatments

KCR (Kinetic Chain Release)
Kinetic Chain Release is designed to restore balance to the way the muscles hold the body. Due to injury as well as our postural habits, the muscles of the body become habituated to holding the body in particular way - often in a way that pulls the neck, spine and pelvis out of alignment. Through a systematic series of physiotherapy-based stretches and movements, we aid the body in restoring  natural muscular and skeletal alignment, often alleviating the cause of pain and discomfort. 
I recommend KCR and Massage for the first session you book

CTR (Connective Tissue Reboot)

Connective Tissue Release is a continuation of KCR for those with chronic issues not fully relieved by KCR. Trigger points are held in related areas to help reshape the way connective tissue is distorting the optimal alignment of the body.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is ideal for long-term maintenance of range of motion, flexibility and pain prevention. Even when we have a purely physical injury, our fears, worries, and tensions will tend to accumulate around the weakest point of the body.  Frozen mental and emotional blocks contribute to physical misalignment. Yoga therapy is designed to locate and release these tensions, preventing reoccurence,  improving posture, range of motion, reducing chronic pain and tension. This treatment is excellent for restoring long-term body function and preventing future relapse.

Energy Massage

I combine healing energy work with traditional massage techniques to free restrictions in the body, and allow the body to deeply rest. Based on the information you give me, I allow my awareness to go into the body and make space for healing to happen. Pressure and techniques can be adjusted to focus on problem areas of the body.

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