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Individualized Coaching

Learn to Listen to The Guidance Within


Often our inner noise and confusion keep us going around in circles. We get stuck in past regrets, struggle with new circumstances, or fear stepping forward onto a new path. With the help of a listening ear and impartial guidance, I help you find the place where intuition and answers are available from within.

My sessions are not about giving you advice. Rather, I offer a completely non-judgmental atmosphere where I help you gain insight, clarity and access to the answers that are already within you.

We will use a variety of body based, energy based, counseling, and intuition techniques all of which help you to release the past, return to self-trust and teach you to listen to the guidance from within.

90 Euros per 60 minute session

450 Euros for a series of 6 sessions (75 Euros per session)






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